It has been nearly a half decade since the reclamation of Tuluth, where junior officers of the Realm defeated the dead and the damned in what was initially a losing battle. The fortress that was made there has served as a bulwark against the advances of the Mask of Winters’ campaign in the Threshold, but things are soon to change.

In Great Forks, a Queen calls for the return of her son. Behind walls of ivory and jade she has sent word to every lord, steward, king, princess, matron, and lady of reward for the child. Those who have looked upon her resplendent estate have sent their vassals on a hunt for the lost child. With no direction, they pour over every detail of the land. Many pursue riches, while some few, however, seek more.

The strands of the Spiders cross and thicken. There are footsteps in hell, and they echo in the Underworld. The Wyld trembles, and the Bordermarches are itching to move. As the Unconquered Sun plays his games, the eyes of his foes watch for a stranded youngling, far from its mother’s side. When the little one is found, the hosts of Creation will spring forth, and the world will begin its ending.

City of Gods

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